AZ Tank Trouble 4 Game Info

This is the latest version of the popular Tank Trouble game, where you have a change to enjoy updated and improved game such as more cleaner graphics and faster gameplay. Much better performance and speed, those are the major improvements what AZ Tank Trouble 4 brings. The general concept of the Tank Trouble remained the same. Also that you still have an ability to make choice between single or 2 player and 3 player multiplayer games. of course your enemy as a single player is the dog Laika. Tank Trouble 4 is a totally free flash game so everyone can enjoy it playing online. The main idea is to be on time and watch out for Laika the dog. On the battlefield are different corners and the grenades you need to shoot and try to defeat it, otherwise you will be shot down. This could be assumed as the team play and there are several tips in order to succeed in the game. As tank commander you need to be as smart as possible. AZ Tank Trouble 4 is the game for those who don’t like to quit at the very begin, stay online and become the tank champion of the game at the end. Moreover you can share your own experience among other game players and try to find out the new tank skills and the tips for overcoming the obstacles on your way to glory.

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